Research & Development

The Company’s R&D strengths are in developing intellectual property in non-infringing processes and resolving complex chemistry challenges. ManiKaustubh Pharma is in the process of developing new drug delivery systems, new dosage formulations, and applying new technology for better processes.

The R&D Center provides a nurturing environment to a multi-disciplinary team of scientists striving for excellence.

The Centre meets cGLP requirements, and is focused on the areas of organic synthesis, analytical research, dosage form development, pharmacology, bio-equivalence studies and drug delivery systems.

The instrumentation and analytical knowledge base at the Centre facilitate:

  • Complete impurity profiling in all products developed.
  • Development of analytical methods and specifications from raw materials, to non-compendial finished products.
  • In-house synthesis of reagents for analysing organolithiums and noble metals.
  • Accelerated and real-time stability studies.

This reflects the Company’s commitment towards developing innovative technologies and creating a knowledge base in chemical synthesis, high quality generic formulations and development of drug delivery systems.

Our Process

We bring science and innovation together

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Clinical Development

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Regulatory & Access

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Functional Service

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